Church of the Savior

Welcome to the life and ministry of Church of the Savior. We are a Christian gathering inviting you to discover what life looks like as together we learn to follow Jesus, build community and share hope.

9:30 Sunday Worship

Giving matters.

It matters to the heart of the believer…the releasing of hard earned time, energy, resources in response to Jesus’ call on our lives is counter cultural, against the grain of human nature, and one of the ways our faith grows the deepest. It is an opportunity to join in with God’s giving nature and understand Him more deeply.

It matters to God…the Bible is filled with stories of people being asked to give. Something inside of giving goes straight to the heart of God. He gave energy and ingenuity in creation. He gave time, attention, and love to a people who weren’t faithful. He gave His Son for a humanity that didn’t honor Him. Giving is who God is.

It matters here. Church of the Savior relies on giving to continue to do the work God is laying out before us. As we turn our eyes to Him, we recognize the depth of the call He has given us to follow Him, build community, and share hope. Join us in this journey. Your giving matters.



 971 16th St SE, Rochester, MN  55904   (507) 289-7491

Sunday Worship 9:30 AM